The Washington Herald newspaper published a very interesting article last week. It was about the new waste-to-energy solution called Product Reincarnation Technology™. This is a huge plant that “eats” garbage to produce cheap and green electricity.

The main advantage is enormous efficiency. The technology monetizes 98% of waste, with more than 85% of energy efficiency – which means that 98% of garbage is transformed into sellable goods.

And what are those goods? You choose; either fuel and carbon black or electricity. And these are coming out from the first process only! Namely, Product Reincarnation Technology™ comes with two big modules. The first one is about molecular degradation and the other one is about molecular integration.

Said in plain English, in the first unit – they simply call it Box A – waste is degraded into basic elements under very low temperatures. In the “Box B”, these core elements are used to create a new product – the one that you fed the plant with (in a form of garbage). That is, if you put a worn-out automobile tire in the Box A, you can get a brand-new tire out of the Box B. 

Or, if you prefer, you can also get just fuel and carbon black or electricity, which is possible with the “Box A” alone.

The big plant will be built in Europe under the name Project Phoenix8.

Bloomberg´s New Economy Forum
And what does the American Bloomberg have to do with it? During this summer, they published an open invitation to people and organizations all over the world. They invited all the inventors, researchers, and other creative people to suggest the best solution for the bright, safe, easy, and technologically advanced future. The main focus was a high-end technology and green solutions.

So here is what happened. People in Washington Herald noticed the Bloomberg´s open invitation and – because they are very familiar with Roberto Hroval and his inventions, technologies, and green energy solutions – immediately contacted the researcher and his people in Hong Kong and in Europe.

They expected an enthusiastic response and high spirits but got “a bit less” than that. Roberto Hroval politely turned them down because they are swapped with the work for a European Project Phoenix8 factory (which will be, by the way, the first one with the Product Reincarnation Technology™ inside).  

But the newspaper didn’t stop pushing. Like in the motivational movie, they told Roberto: “Maybe you don’t need America… but America needs you.” (Cheesy, right? But it worked!)

Well, to make a long story short, PP8 Corporation Ltd. from UK – this is the corporation that will build the Project Phoenix8 factory – responded and submitted the solution to Bloomberg.

Does this mean that Bloomberg is about to do something about the Project Phoenix8 or Product Reincarnation Technology™? Not really. They will go through all the solutions – they received more than 1.000 submissions – and decide which ones are worth pursuing. Then they will ask the submitters of the best solutions for more information. After that, they will select seven finalists.

The chosen ones will present their solutions at the “New economy Forum” live event in Beijing later this year.

The intention of the Bloomberg is to offer the chosen solution great exposure and maybe even to connect the submitters with some investors, supporters, business partners, or special workforce.

Back to Roberto Hroval and Project Phoenix8. According to the news in various media, the company has already gathered the money and even signed contracts for input material (garbage) and output goods for the European Project Phoenix8 factory.

But, on the other hand, Hroval confirmed if some good initiatives will come from the US, he is prepared to sit down with potential partners and “work something out.”

Hopefully, people in Japan will also figure something out to attract this company and their solution because we certainly don’t want to stay behind.